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The Librarian
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From Beginning to half to 26.2..part II

UPDATE....Ran the Decker's Creek Half Marathon and PRd by over 7 minutes..yes this is a prime course for PRs and the weather was perfect and I felt really previous best was 1.34.07 my new best is 1.26.39..the goal is to get down to around the low 1.20's and be ready to do back to back 1.30ish for the Chicago marathon and qualify for Boston by running under 3.20.00. Another note my children are running great as well..we have stater our summer travel team called the MOVRacers that go to AAU meets and USATF meets..they all finished 1st or 2nd in their first meet but must finish in the top five(more difficult meet)for the next meet to go to the national meet in New Orleans...wish them luck they are training hard. I will have more updates as the training progresses for all of us. BTW the library is doing well..I am doing house cleaning..literally scrubbing carpet, cleaning shelves, shifting and working on budget and databases

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running: What it means to me.

Wow..that is a broad topic for me. Honestly, I picked running back up after 21 years of stagnation. I mean I did excercise some and "occasionally" ran but mostly lifted weights and actually tried to bulk up some. This is the weight that had to come back off when I started back running (more like a My two boys decided to run cross country and had heard the tall tells from my college and high school day of running. I could not let them beat me well let me train first then I could not let them beat me. I officially started in Aug/Sept of 2010. The goal was to get into shape and run with my boys. I have never been a person to do anything halfway or not give 100 percent. I have progressed over the past 8 months to dropping a lot of weight (don't like scales just look at inches and the way I feel) slowly getting faster on my paces and running my first half on the 3rd of April (1:37.11) I have another half on the first of May in Cincinnati. This half looks to be more difficult with aggressive 332 ft worth of hills from mile 5 to 9 (what was I thinking). Look for the update next week....Update 5/24/11..ran the Cincinnati half in 1:34.07 and have signed up for another on June 4th..hoping to go sub 1:30. I also signed up for the Chicago Marathon in October. I am a little nervous, excited and worried. I will be running for Team Fox and my friend Larry with Parkinson's Disease. Another update: the boys and I ran a 10k @ 42.25 this weekend and I was happy with the pace..this should be my eventual 26.2 pace @ 6:50 per mile. The boys ran it in 45.37 which for a 12 and 13 year old (first year running)@ 7:27 is really good. Proud Dad!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ph.D, Ed.d or Not at all?

My question is; Should I work on my Ph.D,Ed.D, or not at all? Background to this question is that I am already a library director albeit a small univeristy library, I do want to teach, but I would prefer to stay at this location till I retire. I have relatively young children so I could wait about 10 years till they are "out of the house" and in college.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Input on rare book sale.

I have a few rare books that we may sell. I would like some imput from fellow librarians on how and where they suggest would be the most effective sites to post our book sale materials