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The Librarian
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running: What it means to me.

Wow..that is a broad topic for me. Honestly, I picked running back up after 21 years of stagnation. I mean I did excercise some and "occasionally" ran but mostly lifted weights and actually tried to bulk up some. This is the weight that had to come back off when I started back running (more like a My two boys decided to run cross country and had heard the tall tells from my college and high school day of running. I could not let them beat me well let me train first then I could not let them beat me. I officially started in Aug/Sept of 2010. The goal was to get into shape and run with my boys. I have never been a person to do anything halfway or not give 100 percent. I have progressed over the past 8 months to dropping a lot of weight (don't like scales just look at inches and the way I feel) slowly getting faster on my paces and running my first half on the 3rd of April (1:37.11) I have another half on the first of May in Cincinnati. This half looks to be more difficult with aggressive 332 ft worth of hills from mile 5 to 9 (what was I thinking). Look for the update next week....Update 5/24/11..ran the Cincinnati half in 1:34.07 and have signed up for another on June 4th..hoping to go sub 1:30. I also signed up for the Chicago Marathon in October. I am a little nervous, excited and worried. I will be running for Team Fox and my friend Larry with Parkinson's Disease. Another update: the boys and I ran a 10k @ 42.25 this weekend and I was happy with the pace..this should be my eventual 26.2 pace @ 6:50 per mile. The boys ran it in 45.37 which for a 12 and 13 year old (first year running)@ 7:27 is really good. Proud Dad!!

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